Control & surveillance centres


The transmission of video signals has become a commonplace reality in many sectors of society. Cameras are now used in civil protection as a means to monitor the main transportation arteries, high risk intersections, traffic incidents and construction sites. Images are transmitted using cellular, microwave or wired links.

To make the right decision in a control room environment it is essential to have all of the information readily available. Being able to visualize the necessary information in that split second is the core function of any control room. Video and audio quality are of the utmost importance – there is no room for misinterpretation of the data. Industrial environments are harsh and Solotech understands that the equipment must perform 24/7.


Among others, we operate in the following spheres:

  • Network Management centres for video surveillance
  • Transportation
  • Civil protection command centres
  • Image analysis
  • Industrial command and control centres
  • LED rear projection walls / Control / Video / CCTV /
  • Paging systems / Audio

Our clients include: • White Birch • Sintra • Powerstream • Hydro-Québec