Government – AVSO & VCSO


Public administration relies on audiovisual technology to conduct their business not only efficiently but with the transparency that their mandate requires.

Solotech provides government administrations and agencies with the technologies to carry out their business with ease and to communicate seamlessly among their various departments and with the public. These technologies include electronic voting with video systems that display motions, results of the vote and presentations for both the councillors and the public.

AVSO & VCSO Supplier

SOLOTECH is an approved supplier under the Federal Government’s NMSO program for the National Capital Region, Quebec and Ontario.

AVSO# E60HN -13AVSO/025/HN
VCSO Polycom: VCSO# E60HN -13VCSO/011/HN
VCSO Cisco: VCSO# E60HN -13VCSO/005/HN

Download the AVSO & VCSO PDF Brochure


Providing needed technology

Electronic voting systems / Distance training / Video projection and screens / LED rear projection walls / Audio / Hearing assistance systems / Videoconference / Control / Lighting

Clients include : • National Defense • Government of Canada • Privy Council • Public Works & Government Services Canada • Government of Quebec • Government of Ontario • City of Montreal • Laval • Westmount • Ottawa – Supreme Court of Canada • RCMP • Quebec Provincial Police • Quebec City Police