Museums and exhibits

SOLOTECH has participated worldwide as a systems integrator in many major exhibit projects including permanent museum exhibits and temporary ones such as world fairs. SOLOTECH fully delivers the technological solutions required to meet an exhibit’s design intent.

Our close collaboration with the exhibit designers allows us to propose innovative solutions that not only enhance the dynamic presentation of the content but maintain a commitment to the timeline and budget.

We provide complete control solutions for the entire system. The depth of our experience in audiovideo and lighting provides assurance that we are able to look at the systems integration as a single system and not three separate systems with compatibility issues.

Your concepts come to life with innovative technology

With our product specialists and custom fabrication teams, we are able to design and build custom equipment solutions to meet both the aesthetic and operational criteria of your projects.

Our international experience means that we are able to deal with conditions such as local code compliance and export documentation. Our project management team has the experience and communication skills to work with themed display designers and contractors to properly coordinate your project.

SOLOTECH has access to many technologies to help you create unique content that will impress visitors at exhibits and expositions.

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