Broadcast, radio and television

The ever-evolving technology of professional broadcasting puts extra demands on systems design engineers as they strive to deliver programming that stands out in a very competitive environment. The convergence of technologies and mediums has created an unprecedented requirement for adaptability as new formats are continuously created.

SOLOTECH has nurtured partnerships with key manufacturers in order to be able to effectively respond with expertise to the evolving landscape in audiolighting and video.

Through our strong relationship with Studer, SOLOTECH has provided and integrated multiple audio solutions for broadcasters for both live in-studio applications and for on-air broadcast applications.

State-of-the-art equipment

Special effects lighting plays an important role in the production of variety and quiz-style shows. SOLOTECH has successfully integrated programmable moving lights into these productions such as the Vari*Lite and LED fixtures as well as scenic elements to compliment the more traditional lighting fixtures and control systems.

Be it high definition monitor walls for control rooms or LED video screens used as scenic elements, SOLOTECH meets the challenge by offering state-of-the-art equipment from highly reputed manufacturers along with fully trained teams to coordinate all phases of the installation.

International broadcasters have called upon SOLOTECH for both studio and OB van turnkey solutions. Our in-house staff consists of engineers and designers who have successfully completed many sophisticated projects.

The popularity of 24-hour news and the proliferation of digital technologies and web-based mediums have put an even greater demand on newsrooms to provide perpetually updated information accompanied by eye-catching visuals. SOLOTECH offers a full range of specialized data and networking tools that enable networks to maintain the flow of newscasts.

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