Cirques, theatres and live entertainment

Theatres and live entertainment venues put special demands on the equipment used to present the shows. There is no margin for error - the audience expects nothing but the most professional production and the equipment must be up to this challenge night after night.

SOLOTECH has supplied, installed and managed live entertainment systems in some of the world’s most complex venues such as the Céline Dion showroom at Caesars Palace, the Cirque du Soleil theatres and touring shows in Orlando, Macao, New York, Tokyo and Las Vegas as well as many prestigious roadhouses and theatres.

SOLOTECH provides world-class systems for:

- Live audio
- Theatrical lighting and special effects
- Live video and IMAG systems
- Intercom
- Staging and equipment rigging

Live entertainment solutions

SOLOTECH frequently collaborates with international artists for the presentation of their elaborate productions. Because we completely understand the requirements of these productions we are able to ensure that the venue's systems can meet those needs.

However sophisticated the system, it is important that it remains user-friendly. SOLOTECH carefully installs equipment that is easily maintained. We provide the venue’s production staff with proper training and required documentation.

Backup systems are designed for every SOLOTECH live venue installation. The show must go on, so we take every step necessary to provide our clients with the tools to make it happen.

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