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Britney Spears – Circus Tour


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2009 - 9 months


Oops, Britney did it again!

With its circus theme, Britney Spears’ 6th world tour Circus continued to set the standard for entertainment, ambiance, aesthetics and especially music, with many of her hits being performed by other artists.

Solotech took part in the Britney Spears Circus world tour with the Pussycat Dolls by adding to it a spectacular technological dimension with the installation of a 4-metre high and 56-metre wide LED screen.

Four other LED HD screens displayed images captured by 10 HD cameras positioned throughout the venue. A series of 120 amplified loudspeakers offered nearly 400,000 watts of sound. The sound design was done entirely by Solotech.

Finally, more than 200 moving lights were used, for a total of 340,000 watts of light, allowing the delivery of extraordinary visual effects while helping to create an electrified circus environment.

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