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Multiple cities - New York


2015 -

An aquatic… and technological… experience

The SeaGlass Carousel project in New York, a unique concept by WXY Architecture + Urban Design and the Battery Park Conservancy, is the result of a technical and creative collaboration among Show Canada, The Battery Conservancy and Solotech.

The 30 fish-shaped passenger seats are each equipped with 3 speakers, a subwoofer and an internal LED light system designed to mimic the bioluminescence of the aquatic world. To produce a surround sound effect, 12 speakers and 3 high power subwoofers were installed in the room.

Adventure with a capital A

The LED lighting that creates a “water effect,” architectural lighting projectors and the multi-track audio playback are controlled by a Medialon system.

The final experience gives the riders, through sight and sound, a 360° aquatic adventure.

Solotech’s AV talents can help you impress your visitors with an out-of-the-ordinary tourist attraction!

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