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The Weeknd – Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour


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2017 - February – December 2017


A legendary tour for a great pop star

With his tour Starboy: Legend of the Fall, The Weeknd confirmed his status as an international pop star. The Canadian singer’s 6th tour, which included 95 shows around the world, was a huge hit with audiences, thanks in part to its futuristic visual effects. Solotech is proud to have met the tour’s needs with video, lighting and rigging products and services.

Cutting edge technology for a futuristic show

Solotech supplied state-of-the-art equipment to meet the tour’s complex needs. The BlackTrax system, for real-time tracking and motion capture, kept the Canadian artist in the spotlight, while the disguise media servers managed around ten projectors that cast colorful animated graphics onto the huge suspended triangle. Multiple moving lights and Sceptron LED bars completed the show’s futuristic spaceship-like architecture.

Lighting designer, Sooner Routhier, had these words to say about Rob Kennedy, Sales Representative at Solotech:

“Rob has been great at sourcing the products and crazy requests we have. We required a massive amount of Sceptron on this gig. He had no problem supplying. […] I’ve been impressed with him and his team and how they can roll with the punches when it comes to our somewhat unconventional designs.”

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