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DiGiCo, S21, Audio Mixing Console



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The beauty of having two screens not only gives you more channels to view at any one time, but it allows you to use one as a setup or master screen, while still operating with the other. You're always looking in the same location, whatever function.


1 GPI and 1 GPO 1 x Compressor per channel and buss 1 x Gate per channel and buss (switchable to ducker, or compressor with side chain access) 10 x Control Groups 12 analogue outs 16 x assignable 32 band Graphic EQs 2 AES I/O (mono) 2 DMI Card slots (up to 64 I/O per slot) 2 Ethernet connections for Networking 2 x 24 segment master/solo meters 2 x multi-touch screens 21 x touch sensitive moving faders 24 mic line inputs 4 x assignable DiGiTuBes 4 x assignable Multiband Comps 4 x layers of banks of 10 faders 46 busses: 16 x flexi-busses Mono/Stereo (equivalent of 32 DSP busses), Stereo Master (2), Solo busses (2 stereo, 4 total), and 10 x 8 Matrix (8) 8 x FX engines (reverbs, delays, w/modulation and enhancer) 96kHz as standard An extremely high power headphone amplifier with 1/4 inch and mini jack socket Customizable bank and channel layout DVI out (for an external monitor) Integrated USB2 Audio I/O interface for recording and playback of up to 48 channels 40 x Input flex-channels Mono/Stereo (equivalent of 80 DSP channels) Snapshots Touch sensitive rotaries with integrated switch HTL User definable Macros Word Clock I/O