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Electronic Theatre Controls, CEM3, Sensor3 Power Controller


Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

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The Sensor3 control electronics module (CEM3) is ETC's new platform for power control. The CEM3 manages priority-based Ethernet, DMX and preset control for ultra-smooth 16-bit dimming, fast activation of relays and instant on support for emergency lighting system.


Advanced features (AF), adds dimmer-specific reporting Backup looks, 64 presets with programmable fade times and priority allows for take control, pile on, or live control failover sources to insure that show will never go black Battery pack, optional accessory which holds up processor electronics through a power outage for many minutes Connect Net3 lighting network using Ethernet jack on front of control module Connect to console, system and rack feedback to live control desks is standard ETC dimmer doubling, increase individually controllable fixtures without adding extra circuits (supported only at 60Hz) Live control override, for presets, set level, and dimmer check Local menu, access to set up features and control directly at control processor Point of control interface, easy to read systems display shows user pertinent system information Quick setup wizard, builds a simple system in a single step Ride thru, optional accessory which holds up processor electronics through power outage for a few seconds USB quickload, backup system settings and upgrade software