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Electronic Theatre Controls, Eos, Lighting Console


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Eos family lighting console – power that's elegant, approachable and scalable. Ideal for theatres with one programmer or a whole programming team, and television studios, broadcasting live or taped. Fits a range of experience levels.


Element is affordable, easy to learn and designed expressly for small lighting rigs controlled by students and volunteers Element, fundamentals of lighting control in simple stand-alone console Eos family, includes, Eos Ti, Gio, Ion, element lighting consoles Eos Ti, unmatched depth in a system that speaks your language and uses logical programming syntax Gio is compact lighting control desk with Eos-family programming DNA that saves space and handles shows of all sizes Ion, all the power and ease of Eos in a small, portable package, whether you are a power programmer or new to mixed rigs, Ion is easy to use and expands as your knowledge grows Tis large, articulating multi-touch displays gives ample real estate for Magic Sheets