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LG, 75XS2C-B, 75″ Window Facing Display


LG Electronics, U.S.A

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LG's new high-brightness display, the XS2C Series, can be installed inside store windows.


"The high brightness 55"" outdoor display maintains high picture quality and image readability in an outdoor environment even when used for continuous business use (24/7)" Advanced Local Dimming Dust Humidity Protection Even under high operating temperature of up to 45 C, it presents clearer images without hot spots Fan-Less Noise Reduction High Brightness Using The M+ Panel High Operating Temperature Increased Brightness Real Time Display Remote Management through SuperSign C or Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP) is available in addition to RS-232C and other network protocol Real-Time Remote Monitoring Saving System Log Files Signage has been designed with the LG Conformal Coating to provide additional protection to circuit boards in harsh environments such as dust and humidity Smart Brightness Control The backlighting in specific areas of the screen can be controlled to increase the contrast ratio and provide a clearer image The M+ panel with the LG new RGBW structure adds a white element to the existing RGB pixel structure producing higher brightness The XS2B controls brightness levels by using an auto brightness sensor The XS2B supports 'log file back-up' of the display failures and allows the user to check when a specific error occurred The XS5B can be installed in an in window retail environment as it operates quietly without having a cooling fan