Soft Goods

Choose from our extensive inventory of soft goods to personalize your event. Our many accessories are the perfect finishing touches.

Soft goods are crucial during any events and should never be overlooked! That’s why Solotech has multiple accessories and two manufacturing facilities with full-time sewers, a supervisor and a production manager, all highly skilled in sewing and design, dedicated to our many drapes and fabrics. Our Toronto and Montreal facilities allow for on-site production, repair and maintenance.

Combined with video, lighting, audio and rigging, our expertise in soft goods allows customers to benefit from a comprehensive service from one partner. With our vast variety of products, Solotech can add a distinguished touch to your stage design – a key element at the beginning, middle and end of your show.


Our soft goods solutions

Our drapes & fabrics are made mainly from two types of material: inherently flame retardant (IFR) drapery fabrics, which are flame-resistant even with wear, age or frequent washing; and high-performance textiles, used to make special protective covers (i.e., for moving lights, roofs, carts, transport bags).

Equipment overview

Chandelier, draping, cushioned wall, starry background, fabric projection surface.

Drapes: sheer, velvet, suede, satin, rock effect, waterfall effect, etc.

Custom drapery

Replicas of existing material

Improvements to existing designs

Custom-made protective covers

Preparation, installation, dismantling