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Conferencing and remote collaboration systems

Intelligent communication systems are the standard at Solotech. You can count on our conferencing and remote work solutions to answer all your needs.

In addition to offering several audiovisual solutions, we make sure they communicate effectively with each other and with you!

We centralize your integrated systems in your spaces and rooms, so you can use a single platform to control the various components, whether it’s your smart screen, telephone, projector or mics. You gain in efficiency and reduce maintenance costs since every component can be handled in an integrated manner, remotely and or on site. You can also monitor the usage of your systems and determine who uses them the most to better assess future needs.


Our conferencing & collaboration solutions

With Solotech, you can bring your meetings and presentations into a new era with wireless systems, ultra powerful projectors, smart boards, the “bring your own device” trend and much more! Imagine your conference room with multiple collaboration solutions, all easily controlled by your employees from a single location.

Provide a comprehensive professional environment for your discussion groups, press conferences, remote meetings, etc. Our collaboration systems offer you flexibility and productivity and can be customized to your space, your room.

Videoconferencing systems

Presentation and collaboration systems

User data collection


Bring your own device (BYOD)

Monitors, interactive multi-touch projectors

Monitors, interactive multi-touch projectors