Lighting Systems

For your lighting solution needs, put your trust in our technology specialists for all types of installations – simple or complex.

Anytime, anywhere in the world, we’ll support you from start to finish to meet your lighting requirements: initial analysis, design, choice of equipment, installation, quality assurance and personalized follow-up. Throughout this collaborative effort, our team of professionals will share with you their proven methods and knowledge of cutting-edge lighting technology to help you make the very best choice. Our recognized experience in lighting ranges from outdoor product setups to conference rooms for large companies to governmental institutions, and many other sectors and settings. Rigorous execution is always a priority – that’s what will make you shine and stand out.


Our lighting systems solutions

Our specialists draw on their solid relationships with leading suppliers to find the products best suited to any type of lighting, whether architectural, scenic or traditional, in a museum, theatre, conference room or even a restaurant. We know that precise light temperatures and levels, or controlling your system remotely, are essential for excellent results. Our customized solutions, installed with great care and precision, will stand the test of time. Plus, our outdoor and indoor lighting systems comply with sustainable development objectives and allow for rapid recovery of investment costs.
Equipment overview
Consoles, dimmer, smoke/fog/snow generator, moving lights, traditional and LED lights, followspot, mirror ball, gels, cables.

Special effects

Architectural lighting

Commercial lighting

Power distribution and control signal systems

Control and signal systems

Project management

Testing and control

Installation, programming and operations