Rigging Systems

Our rigging systems are tailor-made for added safety and installed by our certified professionals.

We have proven ourselves as the top audiovisual experts for all types of permanent setups since 1977! This shows, above all, that our setups are reliable and safe, as they’re built at incredible heights by our rigging experts. Year after year, we invest in specialized training for our riggers as well as in buying high-quality equipment to provide you with exceptional services and structures.


Our rigging systems solutions

Our experienced team, which includes engineers, operators and technicians, creates and operates custom-made, precise and large-scale trusses and hanging systems that blend perfectly into your setup. Count on us to thoroughly inspect and test your mobile or fixed structures, in any type of environment, whether public or private. No architectural challenge is too great when it comes to providing you with reliable, seamless and multi-dimensional rigging systems.
Contact us! We look forward to discussing all your project needs and teaming up with you.
Equipment overview
Motors, hoists, chainfalls, trusses, channel trusses, heavy duty trusses, swing wing trusses, cables, stage accessories.

Custom-made trusses, hanging & fall protection systems and accessories

Hanging & fall protection systems

Preparation, installation and operation of customized hanging systems and trusses