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New products

XSW-D audio systems – Sennheiser

Wireless, portable XSW-D systems make high-quality recordings.

From $379

Sennheiser earphones

These exceptionally ergonomic earphones produce a warm, powerful and precise sound.

From $129

Buy-back offer

We’re buying 600-MHz wireless microphones with the purchase of a new Sennheiser wireless system.

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RØDECaster Pro affordable podcast production studio – RØDE

The RØDECaster Pro takes up to four microphones so you can start recording your podcast in no time.

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DDJ-200 smart DJ controller – Pioneer

Lightweight and easy to use, the DDJ-200 is ideal for beginners who want to start mixing like the pros.

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Prime 4 DJ system with touch screen – Denon DJ

Prime 4 lets you access your music collection anywhere without a computer—so you can mix on the go!

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U3 wireless microphone system – Xvive

Using a 2.4-GHz band, this system can transform your mic into a wireless model.

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Excursion loudspeakers – Yorkville

This versatile series of Canadian-made loudspeakers provides unique sound quality.

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Sono guitar recording interface – Audient

The Sono preamp lets you quickly create, record and store the guitar sounds you hear in your head.

$665 On sale at $575

Studio headphones

ATH-M50X headphones – Audio-Technica

With its detachable cable, the ATH-MX50X combines robustness and unmatched audio quality.

$199 On sale at $169

ATH-M30x headphones – Audio-Technica

With strong mid-range definition, the ATH-M30x has enhanced audio clarity and sound isolation that guarantees accurate sound reproduction.

$99 On sale at $79

Studio monitors

Studio monitors for pros – Focal

Designed to reproduce unaltered audio signals, these Focal monitors meet the needs of small listening rooms and large studios.

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BX5-D3 studio monitor – M-Audio

Its powerful 100-watt, Class-A/B bi-amplification design makes for a top-quality performance studio.

$199 On sale at $169

LED Retrofit solutions for theater

QuickQ consoles – Chamsys

These consoles use an intuitive plug-and-play interface for a user-friendly experience, even for lighting novices.

Available to buy and rent.

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Ovation ED-200WW LED spotlight – Chauvet

With a powerful 230-W white light, the Ovation 200WW LED spotlight is ideal for film studios as well as theatre and concert halls.

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Ovation FD-205WW LED spotlight – Chauvet

Powerful and virtually silent, the Ovation FD-205WW wash-style LED spotlight provides exceptional performance for any space.

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Accessory promos are back


HPL $16.95

BTL $14.95

BTR $21.95

2-inch tape

Glossy $7

Matte $18



The Solotech experience is:

An extensive inventory of high-quality audiovisual products at the best price;

Hundreds of reputable brands;

Dedicated experts to help you choose, buy and rent products suited to your needs;

Quick and efficient after-sales service;

A reliable relationship between professionals, quite simply.

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* This offer is valid until September 30, 2019. On-sale products and accessories are available in limited quantities.