InteRise is now Solotech


Interise, the integration division of Morris Light & Sound of Nashville, is now part of Solotech and continues to serve our partners in the House of Worship market.

Solotech - InteRise

Our vision


Your message is our mission. We help it become realized with a team that’s dedicated to your long-term growth and development. We work with churches and corporate spaces alike to achieve customized solutions – integrating audio, video, & lighting systems – for each project.

Our Promise


We believe the best, most successful companies are those that are easy to understand and build relationships with. We speak clearly and openly, as educated partners, and work tirelessly to ensure your needs are met.

We believe it is our responsibility to steward your process with excellent service that directly and dynamically integrates your vision. We take a deep dive into each of our partner’s visions and provide creative results that can be flexible to fit budgets of all sizes.

Solotech - InteRise

Our Specialties

You simply cannot find a more experienced, insightful, or qualified team when it comes to audio and acoustic solutions. Our specialists think critically and strategically to deliver solutions that meet the highest industry standards. We know our equipment inside out. Everything we build is built to last.

Solotech - InteRise


Audio system design and installation is pivotal for properly conveying your message, and our audio design experts know what needs to be done. We focus on clarity of the spoken word, even coverage, and the proper custom solutions for your audio-visual integration needs. We offer a wide range of manufacturers, equipment, and acoustic solutions to create compelling performances – no matter your budget.

Solotech - InteRise


Think of us as your visual consultant. Our process is effective, reliable, and dynamic, making a creative platform to showcase your projects through video innovations. IMAG (image magnification) via LED walls or projection will ensure your in-house audience has an amazing live experience. Our highly effective visual solutions will deliver a stunning broadcast/streaming experience to your worldwide audiences. Best of all, our AV solutions are designed to expand as technology advances and your needs increase through the years.

Solotech - InteRise


Our designers specialize in developing stage and architectural lighting systems that are dynamic and powerful. We look at each environment as a canvas with unlimited potential, figuring out where our lighting equipment will be most effective in both a practical and creative way. Our house-lighting systems help create a fully immersive experience, while our theatrical lighting enhances dynamic performances generated from the stage. In every space special attention is given to color temperatures, proper fixtures and positioning.

Solotech - InteRise


Highly effective, world-class audio, video and lighting designs are only created through proper design. Our sales, engineering and installation teams work in tandem to help realize your vision. We stay in continual contact with our clients through the audio-visual design process, creating budget options and systems to meet all needs discussed in the programming phase. Proper and effective design documentation communicates expectations and requirements to our partners, their contractors and stakeholders. This is the only way to ensure the audio-visual systems support the message instead of distract from it.

We love what we do and the people we work with. These are some of our partners that we’ve worked side-by-side with to turn their visions into a reality.

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