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Corporate Events

From meetings to conferences, marketing activations, galas, parties, launches and fundraising, Solotech has a well-earned reputation for spectacular corporate events and engaging experiences.

Solotech can help you put on an impressive corporate event creating an unforgettable experience that will bring focus and attention to your brand, product or cause. Our experts have the same objectives as you: strengthen your customer relationship, establish new business ties, engage your employees and contribute to a cause.

Our expertise in special events:



Our sectors

Thanks to the variety of sectors we continuously serve, we have the most advanced equipment, and more importantly, we know how to customize any project through our wealth of experience and the knowledge of our expert team.

Our work has been seen and applauded over and over! Our footprint is all over the world, at prestigious events, in well-known installations, on small and large projects; demonstrating that everything is possible and that your success is guaranteed with Solotech.

Meetings / Conferences

Meetings / Conferences

Current trends include networking and meetings in sometimes unusual contexts that are conducive to being creative, learning and exchanging good practices to drive innovation a bit further. These immersive events would not be possible without the use of avant-garde audiovisual solutions. Solotech takes pleasure in diving into your project with you by providing targeted products that create an impeccable look for your conference or business meeting. Include guests from around the world through simultaneous videoconferencing or display a spectacular projection on a giant screen. Immerse your audience inside a projection mapped environment. Solotech can do all of that and more providing everything you need! Meet with our technology solution specialists to ensure that your guests will enjoy a rich experience thanks to our audio, video and lighting systems.

C2 Montréal – Ubisoft – Xbox

Marketing Activations

Marketing Activations

Solotech has the innovative solutions to increase your visibility. With our audiovisual expertise and vast technological resources, you can count on us to provide one or several technology solutions. A complete 360˚ setup or a single distinctive, eye-catching concept that arouses curiosity and enthusiasm. We take the time to understand your needs and vision with the ultimate goal of having your project stand out and shine among the others. Come and meet with us to discuss ideas for engaging with the public through interactive technologies, merchandising strategies or impressive structures showcasing your brand. Let Solotech put the spotlight on you.

Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed Syndicate release – Bell brand activation
Lighting signature of Fleur de Lys shopping centre – Teraxion open house

Galas / Parties

Galas / Parties

The red carpet is always rolled out at your gala or special evening. By adding Solotech to your team, you will have everything that makes your event special, elegant and bold. The experienced audiovisual professionals at Solotech listen to what you want and know exactly what you need. You will be amazed by the array of products available for you to create a memorable event. We have the best equipment in the industry to delight your guests, create a visual wow factor or blow them away with a superior musical experience. With Solotech, your gala or party will truly shine!

Bal des Grands romantiques – Gala Dynamix
Gala of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec – Gala Brother



We strongly believe in the importance of partnering with various communities, having been involved in several important fundraising events including Opération Enfant Soleil, Le Bal des Grands Romantiques, and many others. This is why Solotech’s involvement in your fundraising campaign’s audiovisual needs is the perfect choice. We understand that the results have to match up to the efforts you and your team make. We know what you need to make your campaign a success, have your project stand out, and rally as many people as possible around your cause. This inevitably involves putting thoughtful consideration into the right audio and visual equipment, as well as enlisting the valuable services of Solotech experts to coordinate your event professionally and seamlessly, without any hassles.

Gala des Émilie – Montréal Passion Vin
Orchestre Métropolitain’s Benefit Gala – We Day

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