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Culture & Entertainment

Culture, leisure and enjoyment are at the heart of all communities, Solotech is there to support them. By collaborating with local and international artists, we have gained a solid understanding of the theatrical and entertainment experience, and the complexity of certain broadcast spaces. We offer sophisticated audiovisual and entertainment technologies that enhance the artistic work of the artists; engage interactively with the audience, and can even create immersive experiences. Everything is possible! Whatever your creative designers envision as they strive to attract visitors, audiences and spectators, Solotech helps you dazzle them and leave a lasting impression, be it an exhibition, a cultural event or an educational activity.

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Our sectors

Thanks to the variety of sectors we continuously serve, we have the most advanced equipment, and more importantly, we know how to customize any project through our wealth of experience and the knowledge of our expert team.

Our work has been seen and applauded over and over! Our footprint is all over the world, at prestigious events, in well-known installations, on small and large projects; demonstrating that everything is possible and that your success is guaranteed with Solotech.

Theatre / Concert Halls

Theatre / Concert Halls

When looking to highlight the architectural beauty of your venue or transform it completely into a new space for the performing arts, look no farther than Solotech. We specialize in overhauling your space to meet the requirements of multiple spectacular events filled with emotion. We will collaborate and guide you through every design, every desired moment and every available effect by offering you all the necessary equipment and a professional team with expertise in putting together cultural projects.

Maison symphonique de Montréal – Théâtre du Nouveau Monde
National Arts Centre – Palais Montcalm
Cogeco Amphitheatre – Living Arts Centre

Museums / Tourist Attractions

Museums / Tourist Attractions

Over the past several years, we have worked tirelessly to put together hundreds of projects involving culture and art. Our technicians and technology specialists are as passionate as you are when it comes to providing a memorable visit or a tour that transports you to another era and awakens all the senses. With our state-of-the-art lighting solutions and interactive video projections equipped with high-precision control systems, your visitors will be both charmed and impressed by your project, bringing them an unforgettable experience they will highly recommend.

Boardwalk Hall – National Gallery of Canada
SeaGlass Carousel – Burj Khalifa

Casinos / Clubs

Casinos / Clubs

Whatever the size of your venue or project, Solotech is the best partner to create a lively atmosphere and an evening that is truly out of the ordinary.

Thrill people like never before, transport them into an electrifying atmosphere; at the casino or nightclub, anything is possible! By choosing Solotech’s high-performance audio systems and lighting effects, along with our video expertise, you are choosing a successful collaboration. We know that today’s clientele is looking for a unique immersive experience, and our experts will be able to advise you on the dynamic and attention-grabbing technologies that will promote your casino or club.


Casino de Montréal – Casino du Lac-Leamy
The D Las Vegas – Salon Daomé

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