A sold-out worldwide tour. A theatre installation. A global sales conference. From concert stages to boardrooms, our precision is in every decision; when you’re on, we’re on. Solotech’s ingenuity and expertise can be seen across all types of venues, markets, events and installations. Be they big or small, international or local. We have nearly 10,000 clients in over 20 countries; working on over 6,000 projects and handling over 30,000 sales transactions every year. Our global presence and well-received expansion in the USA, Canada, and Europe continues to build on the strong foundation of Solotech’s world-renowned reputation. 


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Business and Institutions

· Hospitals
· Clinics and Healthcare Centers
· Telemedicine
Retail and Service Facilities
· Stores
· Shopping Centres
· Services Facilities
Media and Broadcast
· TV Stations
· Radio Stations
· Studios
· Production Companies
· Airports
· Buses
· Trains, Metros and Stations
· Parking areas
· Ports
Governments and Cities
· Parliaments
· Public Organizations
· City Halls
Corporate and Enterprise
· Large Companies and Headquarters
· Small and Medium Businesses
· Convention Centers
· Training Centers and Boardrooms
· Universities and Colleges
· Elementary Schools
· Training Centers

Culture, Entertainment and Events

Theme Parks, Museums and Attractions
· Theme Parks
· Museums
· Movie Theatres
· Aquariums and Zoos
Hospitality and Casinos
· Hotels
· Restaurants
· Bars & Clubs
· Convention Centers
· Resorts & Casinos
TV and Film
· TV Shows
· Film and TV Series
· Music Videos
· Advertising
Live Performance Venues
· Theatres
· Concert Halls
· Amphitheatres
· Clubs and Cabarets
House of Worship
· Churches
· Cathedrals
· Meeting Houses and Campuses
Corporate Events
· Meetings and Conferences
· Conventions
· Marketing Activities
· Galas and Parties
· Fundraisers
Sports Venues
· Arenas
· Stadiums
· Sports Centers
Special Events and Festivals
· Festivals and Public Events
· Sporting Events
· Esports Events
· Private Events
Music and Touring
· Concerts and Touring
· Music Festivals
· Circuses