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Solotech has brought excellence, expertise and esports together for a winning triple play!

The popularity of esports is on a meteoric rise, as the proliferation of games, tournaments and leagues can attest. Combining high stakes competition and passionate community participation, hosting esports events has become the ideal platform for sponsorship, advertising and heightened brand awareness. And with Solotech’s comprehensive esports solutions, you can count on turnkey services to make your event a rousing audiovisual experience that will capture and broaden your audience’s engagement on a global level.

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Live Productions

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Our playbook is your roadmap to success

Aligning your esports vision within a well-defined “A to Z” team plan is what we do best!
From concept, development, strategy and contingency planning, venue selection, to custom-built staging and design, tailored graphics, as well as expert onsite and remote staff, we perform at the highest level to ensure your event has every competitive advantage.

Looking for even more win-win opportunities?
Our proficiency at mounting star-studded concerts, entertainment shows and festivals means we are perfectly positioned to seamlessly capitalize on the flourishing music-esports hybrid trend. Both these environments have come to count awe-inspiring audiovisual productions, in live and recorded settings alike. Music and esports crossovers make for a harmonious fusion sure to amplify your reach to captive and engaged audiences.


Audio Solutions
· Sound Systems
· Audio Control
· Recording and Broadcasting
· Communication Systems
· Systems Design
Video Solutions for Live Productions
· Projection and Mapping
· Creative LED Options
· Recording and Broadcasting
· Flypack Systems
· Media Servers and Playback
Stage Lighting Solutions
· Moving Lights
· Special Effects
· Creative LED Options
· Control and Networking
· Follow Spots
Stage Rigging Solutions
· Trusses and Accessories
· Chain Motors and Hoists
· Ground Support Structures
· Fall Protection Systems
· Safety Inspection and Certifications
Soft Goods and Staging
· Velvet and Sheer
· Custom Drapes and Track Systems
· Maintenance and Repairs
· Weather Protective Covers
Services and Approach
· Project Management
· Design and Rendering
· Pre-Production
· Logistics
· On-Site Installation

Before spectators are ushered to their seats, before fans settle down in front of their computers, a labyrinth of moving parts needs to come together to produce a game day victory. This is where we thrive! Working with you every step of the way, we will guide the project to ensure all eyes are transfixed on the main stage. Our content creation, staging, talent management, prize fulfillment and operations are matched only by the unparalleled quality of our AV technology.

As the popularity of esports events escalates, so do the technological advances needed to support its mass appeal. High-quality online broadcast and streaming services to any interactive portal and platform, proprietary software, professional studios, practical IT and network solutions, and cutting-edge hardware are at the epicentre of Solotech’s efforts. Even the most devoted tech-savvy players and their esports devotees will be abuzz with enthusiasm.

The new power tag team!

Waveform Entertainment, a homegrown full-service esports agency, is now part of the Solotech family. From competitive tournaments to music festivals, they are committed to the rising tide of gaming and esports in mainstream culture and have served some of the world’s most prestigious events with DreamHack, Cineplex Entertainment, and Enthusiast owned, EGLX. Manned by a team of forward-looking and talented professionals, Waveform’s primary goal has always been to create a memorable audience experience.

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Our integrated audiovisual systems give you total control

When nothing less than a standout performance will do, count on Solotech’s state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment to transform your chosen venue into the exhilarating light and sound universe you imagine.

Solotech’s extensive inventory of audio, video, lighting and rigging equipment coupled with our skilled team of designers, programmers, technicians and operators delivers THE complete 360° service package – an impeccable balance of superior sound quality with eye-catching LED installations, projection mapping, extended reality (AR) and special lighting effects.

When expertly synchronized together, you’ll have an esports event worth cheering about!

Our Systems Integration Solutions

Multimedia and Interactive Experiences
· Surface Mapping and Blending
· Immersive Audio
· Object Tracking
· Augmented Reality (AR)
· Interactive Media
Audio Systems and Acoustics
· PA Systems
· Audio Systems
· Immersive and Surround Sound Systems
· Intercommunication Systems
· Architectural and Electronic Acoustics
Projection and Video
· Direct View LED Screens
· Electronic Scoreboards
· Digital Signage
· Digital Display and Video Walls
· Video Projection and Mapping

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