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Audiovisual technology in healthcare has evolved by leaps and bounds at every level. Ever-evolving medical and societal realities have led to a surge in consultations over videoconference, specialists assisting surgeries in remote locations via live stream, and the need for impeccably clear and reliable digital displays throughout hospitals and healthcare centers. The Solotech team draws upon its countless years of experience to deliver high-tech solutions that allow those working in healthcare to do their jobs faster, more safely and with greater efficiency.

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Solotech audiovisual solutions for hospitals serve to guide, teach and protect patients, doctors and staff. Stroll through the halls and you might find a no-touch, voice-activated COVID screening kiosk, a digital wayfinding and informational display, or a complete live-stream audiovisual solution. Streaming solutions used for surgeries, consultations and trainings include microphone and audio setup, crystal-clear screens, and intuitive control panels.

Clinics and Healthcare Centers

Create a safer and sanitary environment at clinics and healthcare centers with high-tech solutions from Solotech. Cutting-edge audiovisual systems help doctors and administrators better serve and protect patients. COVID screening stations, digital wayfinding, informational displays and consultations by videoconference are just some of the ways Solotech can help you exceed patient expectations and optimize your healthcare business.


Both patients and doctors benefit from advancements in telemedicine technology. Patients can consult with their doctor without leaving the comfort of their own home. Specialists can connect to patients and colleagues anywhere in the world, easily share x-rays and images. Thanks to our high-definition annotation displays, data and imagery can be shared and manipulated with the touch of a button. Telemedicine knows no boundaries with Solotech.


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