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The media and broadcast market is demanding and complex. A deep understanding of the industry and its changing needs, coupled with access to top-quality equipment, has allowed Solotech to serve customers in a way that keeps them coming back for more. Solotech continues to be top of mind for projects both big and small!

Who we serve

TV Stations

Content is only part of the equation when running a TV station. You must be on top of the latest technologies to best serve your viewing public. Stay two steps ahead with highly experienced Solotech specialists for equipment updates, cabling selection and installation, or a complete turnkey solution.

Radio Stations

When the live broadcast light is on at a radio station, there is no room for error. Give your radio broadcast team the confidence they need to report breaking news, action-packed sports commentary or play music without missing a beat. Arm them with key technologies for radio communications.


Whether you have a long and complex list of requirements or a shorter list of very niche needs, the Solotech team can assist you. With a deep understanding of the studio environment, our specialists will work with you to find a solution in your budget for any project: musical performances, training sessions, and corporate projects.

Production Companies

A production company has many moving parts, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Our media and broadcast team can pinpoint the technology needed for the job at hand, install it, and provide second-to-none after-sales service. Count on us to quickly understand the crucial components for a successful production.


Audio Systems and Acoustics
· PA Systems
· Audio Systems
· Immersive and Surround Sound Systems
· Intercommunication Systems
· Architectural and Electronic Acoustics
Projection and Video
· Direct View LED Screens
· Electronic Scoreboards
· Digital Signage
· Digital Display and Video Walls
· Video Projection and Mapping
Service Center
· Service+
· Privilege Services
· Personalized Customer Portal
· A la Carte Services
· Repair Workshop

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