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Solotech is recognized worldwide for its involvement in musical events and major tours. Solotech was named top AV production company 2018 at the prestigious Live Music Awards; North America’s 10th largest system integrator, in Systems Contractor News (SCN), 2017; and nominated for Best Video and Lighting Company of the Year at the Parnelli Awards, 2018 (Taylor Swift).

We have developed trusted relationships with several artists, including Celine Dion, Pink, Cirque du Soleil, Taylor Swift and many others who have marked the history of the music industry along with us.

From rehearsals to performances, and giant LED projections, we do it all. Whether it’s for a new music show or a concert by a world-class artist, we offer complete and specialized services in audio, video, lighting, rigging and soft goods manufacturing. A true turnkey and personalized solution!

We confidently excel in complexity, whether at the stage or overhead level, with our wide range of customized high-quality equipment. We adapt to you, the artist and the fans to deliver a unique, flawless and simply spectacular result. Solotech’s expertise also involves adapting to any musical project: outdoor concerts, summer and winter events, theatre or arena, a single show or one being performed for the 100th time. If necessary, we recreate your setup in our rehearsal space to test and perfect your project. We prepare it and practice it because we’re part of your team!

We’re passionate about providing smart and scalable technology solutions in this market, for which we have developed an excellent understanding of what is needed.

Our expertise in special events:



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Thanks to the variety of sectors we continuously serve, we master the best advanced equipment, and most importantly, we know how to customize any project thanks to our tailored solutions.

Our work has been seen and applauded over and over! Our footprint is all over the world, at prestigious events, in well-known installations, and demonstrates that everything is possible and that your success is guaranteed with Solotech, whether it’s a small or large project.



We contribute to a multitude of concerts around the world, both one-time shows and major tours. Whether your music-making process is small scale, or large scale and complex, the Solotech team adapts all its setups to provide the same experience every time. Our strength lies in our ability to create unique and customized structures using our excellent video, audio, lighting, rigging and soft goods manufacturing solutions. All in one place, you have found a turnkey approach designed specifically to accommodate you from start to finish and meet the needs of the artist and audience!

Taylor Swift – Rolling Stones – Bruno Mars – Justin Timberlake
The Weeknd – Dolly Parton – Paul McCartney – Arcade Fire
Britney Spears – Lady Gaga – Pink – Céline Dion
Elton John – Michael Bublé – Robert Plant

Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Solotech understands that the DNA of a place or city often resides in its music festivals. This is why we help celebrate the diversity and quality of music at various music festivals by providing outstanding technology solutions that showcase all types of artists. We understand the technical and creative challenges of outdoor environments and massive crowds. The goal is always achieved: to make your festival a memorable event and provide a superior viewing experience!

Festival d’été de Québec – Francofolies de Montréal – Osheaga
ÎleSoniq – VELD Festival – Bud Light Dreams Festival
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal



The madness, the fantasy, the magic – it’s us and you! It’s the coming together of dancers and technicians, animals and engineers, acrobats and designers. The team of experts at Solotech makes it a point, both on the road or on site, to do justice to circus art through carefully selected high-performance equipment to capture every colour, every movement, every emotion. Despite the complexity of the visual elements that are constantly changing, you can rely on Solotech to make you shine every time!

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