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Over the years, technology has been seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the transportation industry. We now have the power to serve customers with greater security, reliability, efficiency and convenience.

Thanks to the many years of serving the diverse needs of this sector, Solotech still strives to push the technological boundaries. Our experienced specialists will vet and select only accredited, high-quality equipment, and design and install audio, video and network control solutions that are second to none.

Who We Serve


In any sizeable metropolitan airport, flawless communications of every kind are an absolute must. Solotech is known for its expertise in high-quality public address system equipment and irreproachable installation in major transiting spaces. What’s more, ensure that no one misses a gate change thanks to crystal-clear flight information display systems (FIDS), voice alarms (VA) and mass notification systems.


The solutions we offer for bus and transit companies are varied, but we always deliver one thing: reliability. You can count on us for real-time GPS vehicle tracking, seamlessly updated station screens, state-of-the-art wayfinding and more. Our solutions will help commuters get from point A to B with greater efficiency, and our emergency and security systems will keep everyone safe. Key equipment includes passenger information display systems (PIDS) and passenger visual information systems (PVIS).

Trains, Metros and Stations

Safety, accuracy and accessibility are some of the ways in which Solotech technology goes the extra mile for the train transportation industry. Give your train station command center the control it needs to instantly update screen information for arrival/departure changes and the clearest public address (PA) system, voice alarm system (VA), and mass notification system for security and emergency announcements.

Parking Areas

Visitors may appreciate the clear way that vacant spots are communicated, but they will love the real-time updates and wayfinding screens to get them where they need to go fast. In addition, our emergency phone and intercom system setup ensures that parking lots are a safe space for every visitor.


There is a lot of movement in and around a busy city port, that’s why a clear and reliable signaling and wayfinding are an absolute must. Solotech will implement technology such as variable messaging signs (VMA) and public address systems (PA) for informational and security announcements. Our specialists will also add emergency intercoms and security control centers for the smooth and safe functioning of any port.

Highways, Bridges and Tunnels

Solotech provides turnkey solutions for highways and bridges, including variable messaging signs (VMA), emergency phones and security cameras. Tunnels require special equipment expertise, particularly for emergency situations. Solotech specialists master public address (PA) systems and signage to ensure motorists know exactly where to go.


Smart Cities and Buildings
· Smart Building Integration
· Intelligent Transport Systems
· Smart Parking
· Wayfinding
· Smart Cities
Digital Signage, LED Displays and Video Walls
· Direct View LED Screens
· Digital Displays and Monitors
· Video Walls
· Interactive Kiosks
· Video Mapping
Command and Control Centers
· Mission Critical 24/7 Applications
· Emergency Operations Centers
· Transportation Operations Centers
· Monitoring Centers
Audio and Acoustics
· Commercial Audio Systems
· Acoustics Panels and Site-Built Treatment
· Sound Masking
· IP Paging Systems
· Simultaneous interpretation
Lighting Solutions
· LED Lighting
· Architectural Lighting
· Stage Lighting
· Follow Spots
· Special Effects and Video
Service Center
· Service+
· Privilege Services
· Personalized Customer Portal
· A la Carte Services
· Repair Workshop

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