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5 minutes with… Jerome Dussault, Sales Director, Live Productions, Quebec

Jerome Dussault
Solotech introduces the talent behind its unparalleled world-renowned expertise.

We sat down with Jerome Dussault, Sales Director, Live Production Division for the province of Quebec, who has held various positions since he joined Solotech in 2008, leading him to his current management role.

Summary of our chat with this AV enthusiast, for whom human qualities turned out to be a springboard for his professional success.

Q: Jerome, thank you for talking to us. A first simple question: who is Jerome Dussault?

JD: I became a true AV enthusiast in high school. I got involved in school shows and tech. In 2008, I started working with Solotech in the middle of Quebec City’s 400th Anniversary celebrations.

I worked as a video technician in the warehouse and on the road. From there, I became a project manager, then sales representative, director in Quebec City, and finally Live Productions Division Sales Director for the province of Quebec.

I have a self-taught path, which is rare these days. I had no diploma or specific training. My passion led me to where I am today.

Q: How did your boss received your ambitions?

JD: I felt supported and encouraged on several levels in my progression. I felt like they trusted in me.

Q: What does your current role look like?

JD: I use 90% of my time collaborating with people. Everything I start implicates one or many of my colleagues. I interact with bosses, my sales team, and other departments at Solotech, and I am involved in developing global strategies. On a day-to-day basis, I manage a human group, and my goal is to make it shine.

From the five Solotech core values, collaboration has always been the one that drove me. The other four are as equally important, but this one always comes back, and it is a guarantee of success.

Q: What do you consider your specialty?

JD: (Laughters) I have the reputation of having a big mouth. I had numerous nicknames associated with this. You must believe that my social skills served me well. That is my specialty.

Q: What makes Solotech different for its clients?

JD: For me, it is our unique model. Many competitors offer 360° services with lighting, audio, video, and rigging. It is not a novelty today.

What makes Solotech unique is that we are no longer offering only 360°. We are now doing 720° services. We have two, even three axes of possibilities. We can handle a small press conference, an international tour, and everything in between. We are present in all markets, and we can even add the Sales & Systems Integration axis in all markets, from the DJ starter kit to a turnkey install of a mega center in Dubai. We are now at Solotech 1080°!

Q: What are you looking for in your team members?

JD: I pay a lot of attention to well-being. Much more than knowledge because the knowledge can be taught. I want people who like teamwork because I see the success it brings us to work as a team.

Q: What do you see in Solotech’s future?

JD: I see success. The company will keep growing, both in terms of expertise and geography. I see the expansion of our service offering.

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