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Best integrators: Solotech rises to 5th position

Solotech rises to 5th position

Moving on up: Solotech cracks the top 5 on Systems Contractor News’ Top 50 list

Montreal, Canada, December 6, 2022 – The world continues to be shaped in one way or another by the pandemic-fueled fluctuations in all aspects of business and life. Through those ups and downs, Solotech maintained a steady upward trend that saw it catapulted from 9th to 5th position on the 2022 Systems Contractor News Top 50 systems integrators in just one year. Equally impressive, Solotech remains the only Canadian company included in the global ranking.

“The corporate world has faced many challenges these last couple of years,” says Philip Giffard, Global President, Sales and Systems Integration Division, “And with that, the need for expert systems integration has been in high demand. Solotech was able to leverage this by guiding our customers through the changes, adapt equipment to meet their various needs and increase their AV capabilities.”

Boosting business efficiency became the rallying cry heard round the world. Solotech’s judicious US acquisitions (JSS, BCS Audio, SEAL, Show Systems, Miami StageCraft, Morris Light & Sound, PSSL, and Pro Sound & Video) in the last two years brought new opportunities and insightful resources. Also, the acquisition in Canada of CBCI Telecom Inc. last year opened doors to provide those sought-after unified communications solutions to new corporate, health, legal, educational and governmental sectors. Coupled with its existing expertise in the arenas of transportation, sports, houses of worship, and recreational settings such as theme parks, museums, theatres, and planetariums, Solotech is a driving force that meets, and exceeds, countless customers’ expectations.

With operations in Canada, the US and UK, Solotech ably delivers high-end AV solutions and managed services at scale – all backed by 45 years of experience as well as our growing network of partners, including over 300 manufacturers.

Continues Mr. Giffard, “All this is a true testament to our team and partners. They were agile and responsive, bringing innovative thinking and ingenuity to the table. Given this great news, you could say we rose to the occasion.”




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