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Coachella: Harry Styles and Solotech for an all-illuminated show

If there’s one event that can kick off the festival season in style, it’s Coachella.

The industry didn’t miss the opportunity, and Solotech led the charge. The magic recipe for its return? To have the pop star of the moment, Harry Styles perform in a sequined suit under more than 250 VL5LED WASH lights, purchased especially for the event by Solotech.

To offer a result as sparkling as offbeat as Styles’ image, the circular lighting effect was designed and implemented thanks to the skills of the Silent House teams and the technical expertise of Solotech. The Vari-lite teams were also on hand to support this large-scale project from start to finish.

The VL5LED WASH fixtures were packaged to create a huge circular structure above the singer. Working in harmony, the VL5LED WASH fixtures unveiled a colorful performance with a retro feel and just the right amount of “extra-ordinary”.

In the aftermath, Harry Styles’ design team is reportedly interested in working with Solotech again. The lights also caught the eye of other designers for upcoming events.

All in all, Styles made this Coachella comeback simply spectacular…

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Source: Vari-Lite, Solotech invests in vl5led wash for Harry Styles’ headline set at coachella 2022, Touring



Héloïse Meunier
Corporate Communications Advisor

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