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Solotech, Proud Audiovisual Provider of the 2024 Festival d’été de Québec

FEQ Stage

The company provides 360-degree AV and a team of experts, including the largest panoramic LED screen in the festival’s history

Solotech, a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology, is proud to have contributed to the 2024 edition of FEQ, a well-known festival showcasing musical excellence and live production innovation.

For this edition, Solotech provided multiple audio, lighting, video, staging, and rigging solutions that delivered a memorable FEQ audience experience. As the festival recently unveiled its new panoramic LED screens at the main Bell Stage at the Plains of Abraham, Solotech is proud to highlight its role as the 360-audiovisual provider for multiple FEQ stages.

Elevating the Festival Experience

At the core of the festival’s visual presentation are the new main stage curved panoramic LED screens at main Bell Stage. These screens, over double the size of the previous ones, offer an enhanced visual experience with a total of over 41 million pixels surrounding the stage. Featuring a 4K screen behind the stage and two 6K screens on either side, they provide stunning clarity and detail for the performing artists. Covering a surface of 881 square meters, compared to last year’s 352 square meters, these screens were designed, prepared, and installed by Solotech in collaboration with Stageline’s screen support system.

Martin Carrier, President, Live Productions Division, Canada | Global Media and Entertainment Technologies at Solotech, mentions: ” We are excited to be a provider with FEQ again this year and to provide technologies and teams that are meeting their aspirations. Our team worked diligently to integrate these state-of-the-art screens, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and excellence in event production.”

Nicolas Racine, CEO of BLEUFEU, a partner of FEQ, also shared his thoughts: “For a long time, FEQ has been a pioneer festival. For the 2024 edition, we are pulling out all the stops to offer something unique in North America. This long-term project – the result of collaboration with several Quebec companies – illustrates our ability to push the limits of what is possible in the entertainment industry and once again strengthens our status as a major international festival.”

Technical Solutions

As a 360-provider, Solotech’s contributions extend beyond the new screens. The company’s involvement includes advanced audio systems, lighting setups, rigging solutions, and staging solutions across several of the festival’s stages. This year, Solotech deployed a daily video team of 35 employees for the installation of all Solotech video equipment for the festival. During the event, a team of nearly 30 Solotech employees per day will be on-site, ensuring seamless operation and management of all AV equipment.

Enhancing Artist Performances at Bell Stage

The new Bell Stage screens were designed to provide memorable visual experiences for audiences, enhancing the artists’ performances. With two major screens flanking the main stage and a third behind the artists, the setup ensures that every audience member has a great view, no matter where they are standing. Solotech’s audio, lighting, and staging solutions further elevate the quality of these performances.

Denys Deslauriers, Account Manager, Live Production, Solotech, emphasizes the impact that Solotech’s AV solutions provide: “Our goal was to deliver a seamless integration of video, audio, lighting, and more that enhances every performance. We’re proud to have played a role in making this year’s FEQ a success.” Artists benefit greatly from top-notch stage setups, and these screens enhance their performances beautifully,” Deslauriers explains. “We look forward to seeing how these innovations, along with our full production solutions, will enhance the festival experience for both performers and audiences.”

Looking Ahead

Solotech’s contributions to the 2024 FEQ highlight the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of live event production.

The successful integration of these advanced screens and other technical solutions is an example of how Solotech continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions and expertise.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance our offerings and support our clients with the latest technology,” Carrier concludes. “This year’s FEQ is a significant milestone, and we look forward to many more years of groundbreaking collaborations.”

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