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The Killers and Capital Sound create a mirage in stadiums with the GSL system

As a long-time customer, the sound team of The Killers did not hesitate to turn to Capital Sound, now part of Solotech UK Group, for the expected Imploding The Mirage tour in the UK and Ireland. The sound system chosen and supplied was the d&b audiotechnik SL series GSL.

Already satisfied with the system used on a festival in Memphis, the sound team once again called Solotech to finalize the system design for The Killers’ 2022 stadium tour. The system consists of 16 GSL8 and four GSL12 main hooks on the left and right, with 10 flying SL-SUBs per side and 14 GSL8s. Finally, two GSL12 on the left and right completed the whole for the side-arrays.

On the ground, there were SL-GSUBs, stacked six-wide and two-high, their arrangement of 21” speakers extending the control of the system’s cardioid pattern down to 30 Hz. Normally a problem, the low end of the spectrum has never been easier to control with suspended subwoofers and G-SUBs.

Finally, for delays, smaller KSL8s were deployed in hangs of 16 cabinets per side. All arrays were deployed in compression mode, but the smaller KSL8 arrays can be installed on rooftop structures, in tension mode, to save weight.

According to The Killers’ sound engineer, the structure allows for a smoother, more uniform sound than other systems already used.

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Source: LSI Online. (2022, 11 july) The Killers’ create The Mirage with d&b GSL.



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