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Third eye blind: 25 years in the Blind Tour

Third eye blind: 25 years in the Blind Tour

Production and Lighting Designer Chris Denholm of Partner Production Services was commissioned to create a nature inspired look for Third Eye Blind’s Summer Gods tour: 25 years in the Blind. Denholm approached Gallagher Staging and Productions in Nashville to help source twigs.

James McKinney from Gallagher reached out to a company where they could source straight birch poles, forked alder limbs, and birch twigs. They experimented with various combinations of different-sized limbs to get the band’s desired look and feel. Denholm’s experience as a project manager led him to ensure that his design would meet the production’s needs. “Dreams have to meet reality…” he noted. Denholm, therefore, turned to Solotech for our prefabricated pod structures to complete the band’s specified look.

The resulting show centerpiece was a set with tall rectangular panels and risers, outfitted with 300 straight birch limbs, 200 forked alder limbs, and 150 multibranched birch twigs.

Solotech and Gallagher coordinated efforts with Production Manager Kyle Wood to take Denholm’s design from the page to the stage.

Read the full PLSN article here

Source: Moen, D. (September 2022) Third Eye Blind Summer Gods Tour 2022. Designer Insights. PLSN.



Héloïse Meunier
Corporate Communications Advisor

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