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Audiovisual solutions for tourism and business events

olotech au service du tourisme et de l’événementiel d’affaires grâce à ses solutions audiovisuelles dynamiques et novatrices.

This Les Affaires article outlines how people’s expectations have evolved regarding more dynamic and engaging experiences. Two major trends are emerging: immersive experiences and hybrid broadcasting, with demand for online broadcasts persisting. As a leader in audiovisual and entertainment technologies, Solotech is positioning itself as a key player in this transformation.  

Martin Carrier, President of Live Productions at Solotech, stresses the importance of meeting the expectations of audiences accustomed to top-of-the-range content, even at business events. He points out that making audiovisual content and production consistent with an organizing company’s identity is essential.  

For instance, Solotech provided audiovisual services for Lightspeed’s annual general meeting, designing an immersive 360-degree experience that reflected Lightspeed’s commitment to innovation and technology. For Sophie Dupras, Head of Global Corporate Events at Lightspeed, this approach was crucial to bringing together employees from around the world and conveying the company’s values. 

For further details, read the full article here (in French)

Source: Les Affaires, February 21, 2024, Tourisme: l’audiovisuel justifie le déplacement. 

Contact: media@solotech.com 


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