Agropur’s Head Office

Videoconferencing systemControl systemServerProcessorNetwork switchAudio amplifierTranslation systemScreens Displays

Partner in a construction project

Agropur is a dairy industry leader in North America. With over 3,000 members and 8,000 employees, the Cooperative processes more than 5.7 billion liters of milk per year at its 39 plants across North America.

As part of its expansion project and construction of a new head office, Agropur gave the challenge to Solotech for the design and installation of collaborative technology to meet the needs of its boardrooms. The system included audio, video, control and translation components.

Sophisticated technology

Solotech designed, installed and programmed the following infrastructure, which required 2,500 hours of installation time and 900 hours of programming:

  • 68 meeting spaces (audio, video, videoconferencing and control)
  • 5 divisible multipurpose rooms (audio, video, videoconferencing and control)
  • 12 telecommunications rooms (servers, processors, switches, audio amplifiers)
  • 1 boardroom (audio, video, videoconferencing, translation system and control)
  • 1 cafeteria
  • 1 exercise room (audio and video)
  • 8 lounges (audio and video)
  • 35 bathrooms (audio)

The new building is highly modern, featuring a wide range of leading technologies. Solotech selected top quality equipment from among its partners of choice, including Crestron, Barco, JBL, Epson and LG.

Photographic Credits – Guy Asselin, Normand Huberdeau