C2 Montréal

Since 2012
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Partners since the very start

C2 is without a doubt one of the largest, most high-profile business conferences in the world. Founded in Montreal and now operating at the international level, C2 combines creativity, technology, learning and networking! Since C2’s very first conference in New Gas City in 2012, Solotech has been a proud partner and audiovisual supplier. “Solotech and their team play a huge part in our success thanks to their ability to offer management solutions to all the audiovisual needs of a world-class event”, says Yannick Bocquet, Vice-President of Production at C2.

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Complete services

Audio, video, lighting and rigging: Solotech supplies absolutely everything for this vibrant corporate event. Innovative video technologies are used to enable the projection of compelling presentations and to make collaboration easy. Over time, these technologies have become a key element of the C2 experience. Audio solutions make it possible to mobilize event-goers across a vast meeting area as well as facilitating concerts, talks and background music.

Working with a long-standing partner like C2 means adapting to the vision of creative individuals whose aim is to improve the event year after year. It involves recommending, selecting and supplying the best equipment, as well as handling all the technical aspects throughout the event with meticulous care. We need to adapt to last-minute unforeseen events without ever deviating from the program. It’s the art of working in close collaboration to ensure participants enjoy a truly memorable sensory and cognitive experience.

Photographic Credits – Andrew Moore, Tora Chirila, Jimmy Hamelin and Fabien Gagnon