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Calaverandia: bringing the Day of the Dead to light

After the success of the GDLuz Festival, which gathered over 500,000 people in 2018, design and production firm AlteaCorp, which specializes in multimedia shows and events, created Calaverandia, the first amusement park in the world with a Day of the Dead theme. It ran from November 1 to 18, 2018 at Camacho Park, Guadalajara, Mexico and offered over 20 attractions with spectacular light and audio installations. Calaverandia enticed over 60,000 visitors in just two weeks and was successfully supported by Solotech.

Used equipment sales: guaranteed success, within budget

For the first edition of Calaverandia, AlteaCorp. relied upon Solotech’s audiovisual and lighting expertise in supporting the vividly-colored lighting, spectacular sound and special projection effects of Calaveranda. AlteaCorp was able to purchase quality used and new equipment from Solotech. This cost-saving decision to include used gear in their purchase allowed AlteaCorp. the ability to get more production equipment and bring greater amazement to the spectators who could admire the 4D multimedia Alma performance, realized with water projection and other special effects. It was an efficient and particularly cost-saving solution recommended by Pierre Vendé, International Sales Manager at Solotech:

“AlteaCorp. hired us to offer an experience worthy of the GDLuz Festival, while staying on budget. It should be noted that renting sound systems for this kind of event costs a minimum of $20,000. At Solotech, we offer the possibility to buy used equipment in perfect condition and reusable for years for only twice the price!”

Marcos Jiménez, President of AlteaCorp., expressed satisfaction with the purchase of used projectors and sound system, along with new moving lights and special effects equipment such as flame machines: “Buying used equipment at Solotech turned out to be the ideal solution. We were able to offer our visitors quality experiences that lived up to their highest expectations, while saving a lot money!”