Grace Polaris Church

  • Columbus, OH, USA
NEXO STM speaker systemAvid S6L-32D consoleDante-enabled audio networkVideo production systemRoss DashboardRoss Carbonite Black switcherAccompanying 2ME panelObsidian NX2 control board

Perfect Timing

Since 1964, Grace Polaris Church in Columbus, Ohio has seen a rapid increase in their congregation from a group of 30 to now serving over 2,000 members As Grace Polaris’ congregation continued to grow, their need for a new worship center increased and in 2018 they started construction on a new space. They turned to InteRise of Nashville, TN for an extensive AVL and acoustic installation that would transform the space and engage their audience. The three-year renovation partnership provided upgrades that have been integral in a time where congregations are advised to stay home to promote social distancing and their services switch to live streams.

At the beginning of the partnership between Grace Polaris and InteRise, no one could have imagined a full-time switch to only live-streamed services. Through a dedication to providing the best possible service and equipment while anticipating needs before they arise, InteRise helped upgrade the systems to ideal quality just in time.

Audio Clarity

The decision was made to install a NEXO STM speaker system, along with an Avid S6L-32D console allow the church to boost their live production. These additions met the needs of being able to record to ProTools and do virtual soundchecks which allows the volunteers to record all of the channels before a service and practice mixing, along with providing high channel count.

With the new Dante-enabled audio network from InteRise, Grace Polaris now has the flexibility to create a custom mix that’s catered for an at-home audience with a separate broadcast audio console, while still mixing in-house for the benefit of the worship team.

Creating Dynamic Looks

The newly installed video production system has become a vital asset to Grace Polaris. InteRise designed and installed a seamless video system with Ross Dashboard. With the new Ross Carbonite Black switcher and the accompanying 2ME panel, the production team is now equipped to produce more dynamic, creative experiences that highlight the wide array of creative talent at the church.

InteRise worked with Grace Polaris to use existing lighting fixtures that the church had to help with cost savings. The lighting design team created five pipes for theatrical lighting at different depths to give even coverage, detailed backlight and creative color across the whole stage. The entire system is driven by an Obsidian NX2 control board which allows for in-depth programming but can still easily be operated by a volunteer on Sundays.

“InteRise worked closely with the architects, construction company and the electrical contractor to ensure infrastructure was in place for everything that was needed in their system design. Everyone at InteRise has been very knowledgeable and very professional. Working with them has been a pleasant experience, and they are always there to help us if we run into trouble. We can’t speak highly enough of the InteRise team.”

Brent DyeAudio, Engineer at Grace Polaris