GrubHub Feeding Frenzy 2.0



Following the inaugural edition of GrubHub Feeding Frenzy, GrubHub revisited their successes by bringing the event to a live setting at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. GrubHub once again asked Waveform to help them provide a similar experience to that of the inaugural event the year prior, and Waveform knew exactly what to do to impress the attendees.

Waveform brought this vision to life by working with their partner; The Outloud Group, to provide a full-service solution with a complete team of dedicated staff on site. It was important to ensure the event met the quality standards of both GrubHub and The Outloud Group.


Waveform’s contributions included designing and building a fully customized stage and bringing it to life during the event. Thanks to their meticulous planning of the various aspects of the show, and their expertise in esports, Waveform was able to make the event larger than life. In addition to broadcasting an LCS at the Prudential Center, live DJ sets and a League of Legends pro-am were some of the main highlights that attendees enjoyed. As the event went on, it was abundantly clear that Waveform had not only met The Outland Group’s expectations, but also the expectations of those at GrubHub Feeding Frenzy 2.0.