GrubHub Feeding Frenzy

Since 2021

GrubHub Feeding Frenzy is a League of Legends Pro-Am bringing together musicians, League Championship Series (LCS) casters, former pros, and amateur contest winners as an integral part of GrubHub’s LCS weekend programming and integration. Waveform team was a key contributor to the production of all Feeding Frenzy events.  

Waveform’s contribution grew with the event. From Newark to Houston to Chicago, our team of experts played an important role in bringing the project to life. 


Featuring Yassuo, Nightblue3, Dillon Francis, and Porter Robinson, Waveform assisted in bringing the event together by providing full broadcast services, broadcast graphics and integration, talent management, and league ops. In addition, the team created custom content and social media assets to help drive awareness for the program. 


Following the inaugural edition of Grubhub Feeding Frenzy, Grubhub revisited its successes by bringing the event to a live setting at the Prudential Centre in Newark, New Jersey. Waveform brought this vision to life by working with The Outloud Group to provide a full-service solution with a full team of dedicated on-location staff, ensuring the event met the quality standards of both Grubhub and The Outloud Group.  

Waveform’s contributions included: 

  • Designing and building a fully customized stage. 
  • Planning and executing the various aspects of the show. 
  • Broadcasting the event itself, with live DJ sets and a League of Legends pro-am as the main highlights. 


For the third iteration of Grubhub Feeding Frenzy, Grubhub aimed to make the show bigger and better than ever as part of the LCS Spring Finals. Waveform made this wish a reality by working with The Outloud Group to provide a comprehensive solution with a full team of dedicated staff on-location at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. As the centerpiece of the Fan Fest activation, Waveform’s team provided support by designing and building a unique, fully customized stage, planning and executing the various aspects of the show, and broadcasting the event itself as a fully integrated pre-show for the official LCS Spring Finals. 


Waveform played a crucial role in bringing the LCS Fanzone to life at the United Center in Chicago. Waveform’s team collaborated with The Outloud Group and Grubhub as part of the LCS Championship. Their responsibilities included production, broadcast, and stage building for both the Hotline League Live Podcast and the Grubhub Feeding Frenzy Showmatch.