Healing Place Church

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Soundscape sound system from d&b audiotechnik

Week in, week out, Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, welcomes thousands of faithful who count on the Church for moral support and to be heard and understood.

Solotech is proud to have collaborated with d&b audiotechnik to find the best possible sound solution to ensure this important place of worship can fulfill its primary mission: a healing place in a hurting world.

“What’s great about d&b is that they have a lot of products that can fit the needs of any room,” says David Leuschner, Solotech’s Business Developer.


Healing Place Church had a sound system that was outdated and needed to be replaced. The audience could only partially hear the pastors on stage because of the numerous sound cuts due to faulty speakers. The situation had become untenable.

John Tilman, Healing Place Church’s Technical Director, began researching different immersive sound systems, which led him to the Soundscape system. After contacting Solotech, he and his team traveled to Nashville to take it for a test drive. The results were very promising.

“We were really impressed with the amazing sound quality of the Soundscape system. The pastor came to me with chills on his arms”

— John Tilman, Healing Place Church’s Technical Director


Initially, the technical team at Healing Place Church thought the new Soundscape system would make the biggest difference at large events, but they were pleased to discover that it had a significant impact on a weekly basis.

In an environment like a church that has many volunteers, it’s essential to install user-friendly equipment. “The software and tools chosen are very intuitive and easy to operate. They allow the engineers and operators to move the sound objects around easily and mix it quickly” says David Leuschner.


Thanks to its new state-of-the-art equipment, the Church is now looking forward to the future. Both on stage and in the audience, a new burst of enthusiasm is obvious.

“You could feel a new energy that we didn’t have before. It was tangible”

— John Tilman, Healing Place Church’s Technical Director