Hillsong United – The People Tour

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The worship band that is a global phenomenon

Formed in 1998 in Australia, Hillsong United is a Christian Praise band that started as part of Hillsong Church. Through the evolution of their musical styles from synth-sounds to guitar-led rock, the band’s fan base has remained solid, gathering together in packed arenas to join in singing the hymns. The winner of five Dove Awards in 2016 and the 2015 Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Artist, Hillsong United is today a global phenomenon.

Kicking off on April 25, 2019 in Austin, TX, on the eve of the release of their new People album, Hillsong United’s The People Tour included concerts in over 30 cities throughout the USA and Canada and is scheduled to also tour Latin America, performing in Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

To supply the audio, video, lighting, rigging and soft goods services for the tour, Hillsong United’s production team relied on Solotech, a company renowned worldwide to engage audiences.

Spectacular 360 live production solutions and services

On the audio side, the Solotech teams have supplied a vast range of equipment, including L-Acoustics speakers and SSL audio consoles. In collaboration with Steve Pippett, Production Director for Hillsong, Tim Green, Production Manager and Production Designer Nathan Taylor, Lee Moro, Vice-President, Live Productions Division, USA, also led the Solotech video, lighting and rigging teams. Like the band, Solotech’s production crews set their own standards high to meet the needs of the client’s tour.

One of the main features of the set is a huge trapezoidal-shaped screen that overhangs both the stage and the pit, displaying content and live images of the performance above the audience. The songs’ lyrics are projected onto the back of the stage and onto the edges of the giant screen for the concert-goers to sing in unison. Two additional screens are also installed on each side of the stage. Complementing this singular scenic design, Claypaky Scenius Unicos spot lights and GLP impression X4 wash lights are installed throughout the rig.

“One of the biggest challenges for our teams was the projection-mapped roof over the band and audience, however the results were breathtaking. It creates a unique atmosphere for the fans; it’s really spectacular,” notes Jason McCarrick, Technical Specialist on the tour.