Industry Canada – Conference room of the Deputy Minister

MicrophonesAudio DSPAV controlSimultaneous interpretation system Videoconferencing systemDistribution and routing SystemAV presentation systemsAV distribution and switchingSoftware programming

The project required completely removing the existing audiovisual equipment of a conference room, used by the Deputy Minister of Industry Canada for major meetings, and installing an entirely new audiovisual system.

Solotech supplied a brand-new projection and conferencing (interpretation) system, audio DSP, sound reinforcement, cameras and audiovisual control.

For the installation of this project, Solotech mobilized its staff and hired qualified sub-contractors. Our senior installers completed all testing and commissioning of the system, as well as DSP programming. Sub-contractors were hired to complete the majority of the physical installation.

Because this is a frequently used room, a timeline was established early on with the client. Solotech had roughly a two-week window to order and deliver the equipment. In the end, Solotech was able to adapt its working schedule to all unforeseen events and completed the project on time.