When the limit to creativity becomes limitless


Kid Koala. Multistoried. Multitasker. Multitalented.

Some people defy boxes and definitions and Eric San, aka Kid Koala, is one such individual. Should you expect anything less from someone whose professional moniker is fashioned from the Koala Springs beverages his mother stocked in his childhood home? No, you shouldn’t.

Highly regarded as a one of the most accomplished and versatile talents in the entertainment industry – scratch DJ, theatre producer, film and television composer, graphic novelist, animator, multi-media performer and visual artist – he is a gifted performer who has long embraced the boundless possibilities that new and evolving AV technology can contribute to express his unique artistry and point of view. This has infused his work with an inventive and experimental style and created a kaleidoscope of opportunities to connect interactively with his audience.

“How you learn to use that technology to express something and still tell your story…how you bring your friends into a creative sandbox and try to build something together. It’s a lot of opportunity to try new things.”

– Kid Koala

Solotech. Multifunctional. Multidisciplinary. Multidimensional.

Solotech is a leader in advanced technological solutions, continuously pioneering the latest in lighting, sound, video and rigging equipment. Moreover, Solotech’s expanding base of operations has also made it a coveted guiding force in support of creative content for emerging and well-established artists alike. Should you expect anything less from our growing team of skilled and passionate professionals? No, you shouldn’t.

Today’s audiences want, actually expect, to be dazzled and spellbound at every turn. The changing landscape of the show business industry is moving at an accelerated pace. Indeed, it is considered the epicentre where the lines between physical and virtual worlds magically collide.

“We chose this format because it can open the world to anything that we could imagine. Solotech has the creative ideas behind the technology. So, the two come together rather nicely and we can create amazing things together.”

– Brian Neuman, Tour and Production Manager, Kid Koala

Solotech has leveraged the full spectrum of XR technology to create customized immersive experiences that stimulate the senses in a way that makes people feel and think differently, as it did with Kid Koala’s latest venture, the AR/XR video Four Stares.

Kid Koala and Solotech Together. When “Lights, Camera, Action” means so much more!

They came to play. Everyone did.

Joining forces to create an outlandish, colourful romp where all creatures big and small are welcome, Kid Koala’s Four Stares video shoot proved that what happens behind the scenes can be just as fascinating as what is in front of the camera. Regrouping the formidable talents of our own team, along with production teams for video content, technical design and production, our collaboration was the foundation of this video’s success. With so many creative minds on one soundstage including technical specialists in advanced software modelling, onsite compositing of front and back plates to bridge AR and XR layering, not to mention our top-of-the line hardware, the result is a boisterous 3D immersive world sprung from Kid Koala’s avant-garde imaginings. By constantly pushing the envelope, Solotech is always poised on the threshold of ingenuity, innovation.. and fun.

{Solotech} is all about serving the creative people of this world… and now we’re adding new services so we can offer XR production…We can have that software layer on top of traditional AV equipment to make sure we connect all the best elements together to make the best productions possible.”

– Simon Tremblay, Vice President, Operations, Solotech