La Peni Merida


In the vibrant city of Merida, Mexico, a visionary project named La Peni emerged at the end of 2023. Its mission was not only to breathe new life into the former Juárez Penitentiary and Parque de la Paz, but to create a cultural hub for the city.  

La Peni was born from a collaboration between the government of the city of Merida in Yucatan, Jorge Contreras, a producer in television and theater, and Siete Media, a multimedia production company based in Montreal and Mexico City. 

Giving New Life at the Heart of Merida 

The project aimed to reclaim these abandoned spaces and turn them into dynamic hubs where visitors could actively participate in the creation of a daily show. Its goal was to redefine Merida as a leading city in cultural tourism, offering a unique blend of heritage and cutting-edge technology. 

A seven-minute video mapping show kicks off every night, followed by interactive moments allowing people to play with the content. Citizens and tourists alike are welcome to admire the show or to be a part of it. Using QR codes and phones, visitors can alter the visual content, engaging with native animals and plants projected on the facade of the former Juárez Penitentiary. 


Once the city embraced this transformative project, the task was to assemble a dream team. Siete Media turned to Solotech, recognizing their role as the technology powerhouse. Roberto Lopez, CEO at Siete Media, emphasized, “Solotech has been there since the beginning. Their offer was: Focus on creativity and we’ll take care of technology.” This partnership allowed for a seamless exchange of ideas, plans, and expertise, ensuring that the creative vision met technological excellence. From planning to execution, Solotech’s team worked closely with Siete Media and Jorge Contreras to achieve their vision. 

“While handling so many different parts at once for this ambitious project, it was good to have a reliable partner like Solotech. It meant we could rely completely on their expertise.”  

– Roberto Lopez, CEO at Siete Media


In turning the ambitious vision of La Peni Merida into a reality, Siete Media faced the challenge of realizing a grand project with a limited budget. Solotech emerged as a key partner, showcasing its adaptability by introducing a strategic mix of refurbished LED fixtures and sound systems. This ingenious solution not only delivered impressive quality but also proved to be a cost-effective approach, allowing La Peni Merida to become a technological marvel while maximizing its allocated budget. 

Guillaume Gervais, Used Equipment Manager at Solotech, emphasized the adaptability of Solotech, stating, “Our offer of new and used equipment is a big differentiator for Solotech. It ensures that we meet the technological requirements of our clients without compromising their budgetary constraints.” 

Solotech’s contribution extended beyond budget considerations to the actual implementation of cutting-edge technology. The installation included a variety of LED screens strategically positioned throughout Parque de la Paz, as well as a comprehensive ambient sound system that covered the entire park. The screens contributed to the visual richness, while daytime sounds inspired by the region and nighttime audio enhanced the auditory experience, immersing visitors of La Peni in a multisensory journey. 

Solotech’s expertise extended to transforming the exterior of the former penitentiary through facade mapping and visually stunning shows, implementing interactive installations. Its role in shaping La Peni Merida went beyond providing equipment and a seamless installation; it was about elevating the entire sensory experience, turning a limited budget into an expansive canvas of technological brilliance. “We’re truly grateful for the incredible teamwork with Siete Media on this project and the steadfast support from the Délégation générale du Québec à Mexico. The results speak for themselves”, shared Pierre Vendé, Business Development Representative at Solotech. 


La Peni Merida opened its doors in December 2023, marking the beginning of a new era. Roberto Lopez envisions endless possibilities, stating, “While the project is already up and running, there is a possibility to really innovate further and add to it.” The project is not static; it’s a canvas waiting for young artists to make their mark. Roberto envisions the cultural impact this project will make, saying, “Ultimately, the goal is to inspire the citizens of Merida to also lean into the art and culture that La Peni inspires, to have a creative vision of their own city. It is a giant Lego to play with.” 

“We took an abandoned space and offered the city a place to be safe at night, to offer memorable experiences all while introducing them to digital art and new technology. It is a big deal for us.” 

– Roberto Lopez, CEO at Siete Media

What Roberto and the team are most proud of is the positive impact on the community. Merida, predominantly nocturnal due to its hot temperatures, now has a vibrant gathering place at La Peni. Pierre Vendé expresses his satisfaction with the project’s outcomes: “It goes beyond being an installation; it signifies the revitalization of a public space. During a recent visit, witnessing the gathering of people at Parque de la Paz to celebrate the end of the year was truly gratifying. These are the impactful results we consistently strive to achieve.” 

In the words of Roberto Lopez, La Peni Merida isn’t just a spectacle; it’s a transformative experience, a testament to the harmonious fusion of art, technology, and community engagement. 

Photo: Siete Media