LeTourneau University – Belcher Center 

L-Acoustics Main K3 System with KS21 Subs and front and balcony fill speakersL-Acoustics 8-way monitor mix solution with X15HIQ monitors and LA4X amplifiersDigico House and Monitor Q338 Consoles paired with multiple SD-Racks and Q225 Video Production Console.Optocore fiber ring that provides multiple connections points throughout the facility for the Digico Consoles and SD-RacksMotion Labs 10-channel automated motor control system with remote handheld controller.CM Lodestar Motors with Motion Labs Encoders and hardware.Sennheiser SR IEM Stereo Monitoring SystemsSennheiser GA3 Wireless Microphone SystemsRF Venue Antenna Distro SystemsClear-Com FreeSpeak Wireless Com System with chargers and transceiversLeft, Center, Right Barco 4K22 Laser Projectors with fixed and portable DaLite ScreensBluebeam 16x16 video matrix with multiple HDBASET and Fiber inputsBlackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E control panel with ATEM Constellation 8K production mixerBlackmagic ATEM Camera Controller with GPI TallyMultiple Blackmagic Teranex Mini rackmount video conversion boxesAJA Fido fiber video transport convertors for multiple facility 8k camera inputsBlackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 Cameras with URSA View Finders and Fujinon servo lensesMRMC Robotic Pan Tilt controllers with Broadcast Joystick PanelMRMC Automated Motion Follow system with Dell Touch Screens

Solotech Delivers Breathtaking Audiovisual Turnaround   

Belcher Center Partners With Solotech for Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Advancements 

Nestled in Longview, Texas, the LeTourneau University Belcher Center has been garnering high acclaim for its arts and cultural programming since 2007. Thanks to a recent collaboration with Solotech, Belcher Center has experienced a complete overhaul and has upgraded to the industry’s most advanced audiovisual equipment. The technological revamp has positioned the center as East Texas’ most sought-after live event destination for the 2024 season and beyond. 

A Synergistic Partnership 

LeTourneau and Solotech’s incredible communication and joint effort enabled them to complete the entire equipment renovation in record time during the university’s brief summer holiday. “It’s been a very positive experience working alongside a dedicated team for this upgrade to be delivered on time,” stated Solotech Business Development Representative Tom Stotler. “The Belcher Center’s technical director Anthony ‘Fro’ Horner’s expertise provided invaluable direction right from the start. It was a real team effort to ensure this project was delivered for the start of the Belcher Center’s event season.”  

A Modern Performance Venue Redefined 

The technological enhancements achieved at the Belcher Center are a testament to the remarkable efforts between the experienced teams of professionals at LeTourneau University and Solotech. Not even a tight schedule during the university’s summer break stood in the way of Belcher and Solotech’s audiovisual wizardry. It was a triumphant effort of all involved. 

“The dedication and teamwork behind this project have truly set the stage for unforgettable experiences. We can’t wait to share the magic of this upgraded venue with our community, where every performance will be a celebration of excellence.” 

– Cody Bowen, Senior Director of the LeTourneau University Belcher Center, Longview, Texas 

A Project That Benefits the Entire Community 

Spending over four decades serving some of the world’s most celebrated artists, Solotech is no stranger to designing, sourcing, and installing avant-garde equipment, as seen at the LeTourneau University Belcher Center. Creating a visual and sensory experience for the local community was an enjoyable challenge for Solotech Business Development Representative Tom Stotler, who shared about the noteworthy partnership and substantial project.   

“Our mission was clear: to integrate state-of-the-art technology that would elevate each performance and create an unforgettable experience for audiences,” he stated. “Through our partnership with LeTourneau University, the Belcher Center, and our manufacturing collaborators, I’m proud to say we’ve achieved just that.”  

Stars Both Large and Rising Flock to Tech Debut  

The Belcher Center is one of the most revered destinations for all sizes of productions, church services, lectures, and public speaking engagements. Cody Bowen, Senior Director at the Belcher Center, is delighted at the establishment’s bright future and increased influx of visitors. Both big-name and grassroots acts are taking advantage of Solotech’s 47 years of world-class entertainment technology to deliver unforgettable performances.  

“We are so thrilled to have completed this project in time for the start of the events season. As we unveil the transformed Belcher Center, we’re not just introducing cutting-edge audiovisual technology but opening the door to a new era of possibilities for live events and community engagement here in Longview.” 

– Cody Bowen, Senior Director of the LeTourneau University Belcher Center, Longview, Texas