Méga Parc – Galeries de la Capitale

2017 - 2019
Bose DS100, DS 16 and 360P loudspeakers Renkus-Heinz IC7-II loudspeakers Community DP8 loudspeakers MA Lighting grandMA control system Pathway Connectivity 6401 Pathport Octo 8 port gateway Mitsubishi XL Series T4-HB1-M LED screen Christie Digital FHD553-XE-HR 3x3 video wall Crestron DM-MD8X8 video switcher Chauvet Ovation E-910FC and COLORado-Quad, and Rosco LitePad HO90 luminaires

Reinventing the mall

It all started when businessman Marcel Adams bet he could do something that many thought was bound to fail: attracting families and tourists in what was still just a field on the outskirts of Quebec City in the early 1980s. Yet, ever since its creation in 1981, people have been flocking to the Galeries de la Capitale.

Determined to make it a unique and modern mall, the promoters got an idea that would make the reputation of the center and ensure its success in the long run: adding an indoor amusement park to create a new kind of customer experience. Méga Parc was born in 1985.

In 2017, after 30 years of undeniable success — becoming the second largest indoor theme park in Canada, right after the West Edmonton Mall, with over 400 000 annual visitors, — Méga Parc announced a vast rejuvenation project to modernize its attractions. To that end, Méga Parc called on Solotech’s audiovisual expertise, resulting in a mission accomplished with resounding success.

Cutting-edge technologies for another successful gamble

Now, Méga Parc is a modern amusement park on the theme of the industrial age. It reopened on January 18, 2019 with 18 attractions, including 14 new ones, a zipline, the longest ice-skating trail in Canada (750-meters) and the first spoke-less Ferris wheel in North America, something to really wow visitors!

Offering new attractions is one thing, making sure that sophisticated audiovisual systems make it a spectacular place is another. That was precisely the mandate of Solotech, who conceived and installed Méga Parc’s complete audio system, in addition to upgrading the lighting and control systems along with supplying new video screens.

Patrick Labrie, in charge of the project at Solotech, oversaw the installation from the project’s beginning in November 2017. He explains the installation: “Our teams have conceived and installed the audio system which comprises Bose, Renkus-Heinz and Community loudspeakers. Regarding lighting and video, we have installed many LED ellipsoidal and PAR lighting fixtures, a 3×3 LCD video screen wall as well as a 32’ x 19’ video screen, all controlled by a Crestron CP3 system with a TSW-760 touchscreen.”

This expert integration of cutting-edge technologies reinforces the exceptional character of this singular place. Sean Sauvé, Director of Méga Parc confirms it: “The renovations of Méga Parc have truly been a success. Working with Solotech’s professionals was a pleasure, and we are confident that the modern and original structures and attractions of Méga Parc will allow us to reach our goal of 600 000 visitors per year.”