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Michael Bublé – An Evening with Michael Bublé Tour


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North America and Europe


2019 - 2020


An Evening of Love

After a four-year hiatus, the incomparable singer Michael Bublé returned to touring with his critically-acclaimed An Evening with Michael Bublé tour.

This tour, which kicked off on February 13, 2019, in Tampa, Florida, will travel across North America and Europe, where it will conclude in the fall of 2019. Guiding the complex production, which fills 19 trucks, is Bublé’s longtime Production Manager Dean Roney, having been with the singer since 2005. Roney is also Vice-President of Touring at Solotech. The current tour’s audio, video and rigging solutions, including expert teams, were supplied and supported by Solotech, who has been working with Bublé since 2007.

Enveloping Audio

Solotech shares a good working relationship with leading audio manufacturer Meyer Sound – who have been reinforcing Bublé’s tours for nearly a dozen years, and together they were able to ensure a cohesive monitoring solution and provide a highly engaging experience for the audience. The key to the audio solution supplied by Solotech for this great team of musicians: the use of and the audio configuration of the Meyer gear including LEO® and Lyon™ loudspeakers and LFC elements.

To deliver an intimate audience relationship with Bublé, Craig Doubet, Bublé’s FOH engineer since 2007 has worked with the tour’s System Engineer/Crew Chief Jonathan Trudeau and Solotech Audio Projects Manager Patrice Lavoie. The Solotech audio team also included: Main Monitor Engineer Marc L. Depratto; Second Monitor Engineer Louis-Phillipe Maziade; R.F Technician Charles Deziel; and Audio Technicians Francis Lussier, Sébastien Richard, Jeremy Walls and Martin Albert.

A View of the Moon

An Evening with Michael Bublé also featured a wide range of videos, both for IMAG and for displaying creative content to underscore Bublé’s music. The entertainment architects’ team from Stufish, led by Production Designer Ric Lipson and lighting designer Kurt Wagner, created a dynamic stage environment that included a kinetic circular video screen that lowers, rises and rotates emulating the movement of the sun and moon.

To realize the compelling video screens and content designs, Solotech supplied Saco/Solotech 6mm and 12mm LED modules. The Solotech video team included: Video Crew Chief/Server Technician Sébastien Cousineau; Video Engineer Serge Bergeron; and LED/ Camera Operators Louis Lefebvre, Barrie Roney, Elliott Roll, and Olivier Gendron. For An Evening with Michael Bublé tour, Lee Moro was the Solotech account executive.

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