Montreal International Jazz Festival

More than 30 years
  • Montreal
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Solotech, a key player from the very start

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is an annual music fest that has been taking place every summer in Montreal, Canada, since 1980. It’s one of the largest of its kind in the world. Each year, the program features more than 500 concerts over 10 days, attracting nearly 2 million visitors. Solotech has been involved in the festival since the very beginning and works with the Spectra team, which oversees the production of the event. Every year, even though the technical requirements and choice of equipment vary, Solotech’s goal remains the same: to offer audiences a truly memorable sound experience.

The sound is everything

“For a jazz musician, it’s all about sound,” said Richard Lafortune, VP of the Live Productions Division of Solotech. Like pop or rock, jazz relies on video and lighting to complement the overall experience. To achieve outstanding sound and to advise the Festival on the best choice of equipment, Solotech has been relying for over 30 years on highly-qualified technicians, an R&D team and partnerships with industry leading manufacturers such as Yamaha, d&b Audiotechnik and Meyer Sound. Solotech provides audio solutions as well as video, lighting and rigging.