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2018 -


Multimedia system integration for the National Arts Centre (NAC)

As part of the National Arts Centre’s $225 million Production Renewal and Architectural Rejuvenation Project, Solotech was selected to provide audio, video, and communications equipment and installation services for the multimedia systems in three of the Centre’s live performance venues.

A symphony of technologies

Most of the production equipment in the NAC dated back to the venue’s opening in 1969. The scope of work for Solotech on the rejuvenation project included upgrading the Centre’s acoustics, as well as its electrical and mechanical systems. To ensure the NAC meets the highest international standards for performance, the Southam Hall (2,065 seats), Babs Asper Theatre (897 seats) and Azrieli Studio (250-300 seats) are now equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video and communication systems.

Each performance facility includes:

  • – Live Performance Audio System
  • – Audio Distribution System
  • – Live Performance Video System
  • – Video Distribution System
  • – Digital Communication System

“It’s been a great experience having Solotech work alongside the National Arts Centre. Their attention to detail is like none other,” said Dan Holmes, Department Deputy Director, Azrieli Studio, NAC. “I would absolutely recommend facilities to work with Solotech if they’re looking to either start or upgrade their theatrical systems.”

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