OC Transpo

Ruggedized and weather-proofed ITS cabinet and kiosk (designed/assembled by Solotech, fabricated by Batko and IVC)Samsung IP56 IK10 55-inch LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) displaysITESLIVE digital signage software (designed by ITESMEDIA) for real-time scheduling and messaging information


Founded in 1870, The Ottawa City Passenger Railway Company – today operating under the brand OC Transpo – has been providing transportation to Ottawa’s residents for over 150 years. OC Transpo operates a modern fleet of buses and light rail trains. Their modern vehicles offer commuters better planning and traveling information through real-time tracking of vehicle positions thanks to Passenger Information Systems (PISs), with all scheduling and relevant information prominently displayed for everyone to see.

Solotech’s integration expertise evolved into designing a rugged custom ITS cabinet and kiosk that withstand Canadian climate year-round and fulfill OC Transpo’s desired “look.” The PIDs are an integral part of OC Transpo’s commitment to providing relevant passenger information. The ongoing mandate is to install almost 300 PIDs over several years; more than 125 PID units have been installed.


Over the years, Solotech has developed expertise in mass transit ITS projects. For this collaborative effort with OC Transpo, Solotech’s Designer Martin Kyncl engineered and 3D-modeled an enclosure in line with OC Transpo’s graphic standards and desire to house and protect the Samsung’s IP56/IK10 55-inch display. An outdoor display rugged enough to withstand snow, rain, sun, dust, and vandalism while meeting OC Transpo’s design criteria and corporate branding needs.

The ITESLIVE software is combined with Solotech’s innovative telemetry technology: Service+, providing remote surveillance and visibility of many technical issues, allowing for a quick response and fix well before commuters are affected by any failed displays.


Collaboration with solid partners is key to a successful project; Solotech provided an innovative design and enclosure which met Samsung’s high-reliability standards and OC Transpo’s aesthetic specifications.


“Solotech has been a City of Ottawa partner for 5 years, bringing over 100 digital displays across the transit system. These displays have been used by hundreds of thousands of customers across Ottawa, providing real-time information and service updates. Solotech has provided modern, custom designs and solutions with prompt and effective maintenance, and support during operations. The City and Solotech will be expanding modern displays to new light rail service, enhancing the transit space for customers”

— Devon Depuis, Project Manager, City of Ottawa